Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. Tickles Learns to Paint

The kids made Mother's Day pots to put flowers in for some of our favorite mothers. (They painted styrofoam cups). Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Funny had so much fun that I decided Mr. Tickles needed to give it a try! So, I took off his clothes, grabbed some paint and paper and took him outside. He LOVED it!! I guess it's in his blood. But then again, who wouldn't love to paint outside on a warm, lovely May day? All went well until the older kids decided they wanted to paint outside too. Then Chatterbox decided to paint on the deck and when I went inside to fill the watering can up with water to wash it off, I came back out to find that she also decided to paint Mr. Tickles. Head to toe. With dark blue paint. So, I had to put him in the bath (which he hates) and there was blue paint all over the tub which Rock had just cleaned for me. He was gonna love this. Chatterbox also managed to still get paint all over the table even though I put newspaper down. Yes, she is my oldest. But makes more of a mess than the two boys combined. Anyway, Mr. Tickles was "tickled" by his painting experience and I made cute little foot and hand prints of all the kids as a little Mother's Day gift to myself. :)

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