Sunday, October 31, 2010

Saint-O-Lantern Link Up

Pictures of our pumpkins for the Saint-O-Lantern Link over at Catholic Cuisine.
Monstrance By Me
Sacred Heart by Mike
St. Elizabeth of Hungary and a rose by Little Miss Chatterbox
Flaming Sword of St. Michael By Mr. Funny (inspired by Charlotte's t-shirt)
Feed the Hungry by Mr. Tickle who said, "I don't want to do a saint. I want to do feed the poor." (Mike just taught the kinds the corporal works of mercy).

A longer post to come!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010 (Part One)

We wanted to try a new pumpkin patch this year and decided on Great Country Farms because it had been recommended by a family member. We're really glad we went because the scenery was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun.

They had what they called an "air pillow" which was this huge pillow looking thing full of air. Pretty logical name then, eh?
Anyway, the kids thought it was awesome and had a great time jumping on it. Little Miss Chatterbox had fun pretending to be a kangaroo, Mr. Funny had fun jumping off of it and Mr. Tickle enjoyed himself by being more cautious and taking little jumps.

Then we moved on to the "forest" where they had little playgrounds set up and a really need rope spider web to play in.
And they had a huge chess set.
Then it was off to find the slides. The first one we saw was really neat because it was a bit hidden under vines and growing plants.
The kids would walk up the logs steps and then slide out of the bottom.
Mr. Tickle LOVED this SO much. I stayed with him awhile longer after Mike and the other kids went to use the rope swings because he wasn't ready to move on. The smile on his face every time he slid out was priceless.
Little Miss Sunshine only got to watch but I could tell she wished she was big enough to go because she would kick her legs and wave her arms like wild every time a sibling popped out of the slide.
(photo by Little Miss Chatterbox)
Little Miss Chatterbox really enjoyed the rope swing but Mr.Funny was scared. I thought they were really cool.
Then there was a mountain made of tractor tires, a mechanical T-Rex that eats pumpkins and a double barrel slide. We didn't get to see P-Rex in action but the kids got their picture with him.
(We don't know the man in the picture. I think he wanted to be king of the mountain)
(the 60' double barrel slide)

And this post is taking entirely too long so I will have to come back some time next week to finish it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We have a Roller!

It had been speculated that Little Miss Sunshine was rolling over weeks before today. Her older sister told reporters that "I've seen her do that lots of times!" But her mother claims this was the first time. Mrs. Shaffer states, "Yes, my older daughter told me that she had seen the baby roll over a few weeks ago, but I wasn't sure. I would watch Little Miss Sunshine roll onto her side and the kids would help her the rest of the way and then tell me that she 'rolled over'. But never had I seen her do it all by herself until today." Her mother went on to say that she had placed the baby on her back to play with her toys and that when she went back to check on her a few moments later, the baby was on her tummy. The mother cheered and clapped and Little Miss Sunshine smiled and giggled. The mother, wanting to know for sure that she really did it by herself, put her on her back again. Sure enough, the recently turned four month old rolled onto her back. Yes, it's official folks. We have a roller.

(This is how I found her)

Friday, October 22, 2010

One Year Ago Today....

We found out that we were expecting baby #4.
I'm looking at her right now. My (almost) four month old, sitting contently in my lap, sucking on her fingers. I think back to last year when Mike and I discussed the option of having another baby. It was a no brainer. A fast yes. I knew I definitely wanted another baby. I knew the kids would be happy about it because they prayed about for it every night. But there's always that little part of me that dreads the pregnancy. The nine plus months of dying to yourself and living for another. It hurts to sacrifice your wants and comforts, doesn't it? But those selfish thoughts are quickly erased when I think about holding that baby in my arms. When I think about a new life coming into the world. It's so amazing. And what a gift it is to be a Momma. I remember we fantasized about what the next baby would be like. So much hope. So much anticipation. She's better than anything we could have planned ourselves. Such a sweet, easy going girl. Always ready to shoot you a smile or snuggle up close to your chest. I love you, Lettie*. I'm so glad we said yes.
*nickname collaborated by her siblings

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Beloved Season

Signs of fall are showing up everywhere.
The mornings are becoming crisp and cool.

*perfect for cuddling up under blankets*

The leaves are changing into gold and crimson works of art and perfuming the air with their smell.
The fridge is stocked with apple cider and caramel dip.
Pumpkin bread is in the oven.

Pumpkin lattes become a welcomed treat in the shortened evenings.
Kids talk excitingly about visits to the pumpkin patch and eagerly watch the leaves drop in hope that soon there will be enough to jump in.
Costumes are being made.
Apples need to be picked.

Bright and colorful pansies and mums are popping up all over the place.
Soups, stews and chili fill up our dinner menu.
I love everything about this season.
Except for one thing...

How fast it passes by. Every year I just want to grab it, hold it tight and beg it to stay. Because I know all too well how quickly it will leave us. I want to enjoy every minute of it. I need to take advantage of it's beautiful weather. Take long, deep breaths of it's air. Share the beauties of this season with my children.

Because one night, Fall will sneak out and leave us behind. And we'll be stuck with cold and lonely Winter. And we'll have to wait another year before fall graces us with it's splendor. Only once a year can I look up at the bright blue sky and see color all around me, feeling a cool breeze on my face, my heart feeling like it will burst with joy and for one split second, feel like a kid again.

Yes, fall is here my friends. Let's enjoy it and take all it has to offer.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Prayer Request

My sister's Mother-in-law, Teresa, is in dire need of prayers.
She has been diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors are asking that she put down 50% of the payment before they will even start her radiation. But she doesn't have the money. Would you please say a prayer for Teresa and even consider donating a few dollars to help her start treatment? It would be greatly appreciated.

Her children, Mark, Melissa and Adam, have started a web-site for this cause. You can donate there.

Thank you!!

Mother Teresa, pray for us! St. Peregrine, patron of cancer patients, pray for us!