Friday, October 22, 2010

One Year Ago Today....

We found out that we were expecting baby #4.
I'm looking at her right now. My (almost) four month old, sitting contently in my lap, sucking on her fingers. I think back to last year when Mike and I discussed the option of having another baby. It was a no brainer. A fast yes. I knew I definitely wanted another baby. I knew the kids would be happy about it because they prayed about for it every night. But there's always that little part of me that dreads the pregnancy. The nine plus months of dying to yourself and living for another. It hurts to sacrifice your wants and comforts, doesn't it? But those selfish thoughts are quickly erased when I think about holding that baby in my arms. When I think about a new life coming into the world. It's so amazing. And what a gift it is to be a Momma. I remember we fantasized about what the next baby would be like. So much hope. So much anticipation. She's better than anything we could have planned ourselves. Such a sweet, easy going girl. Always ready to shoot you a smile or snuggle up close to your chest. I love you, Lettie*. I'm so glad we said yes.
*nickname collaborated by her siblings

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  1. Aw, she is so worth it!! She's just like her Momma was! Beautiful little thing. I like Lettie, but I think I'll stick with Coletta. ;) (and what a cute little onesie)