Thursday, March 31, 2011


Since it's only been in the 30's these past few days (and rainy and snowy and sleeting) and we have pretty much forgotten that it's actually springtime, I'm looking at some pictures I took a few weeks back when it wasn't quite yet spring, but in the high 60's. Crazy weather we're having here in Virginia. I hope it warms up in time for Easter. Actually, I'd like it to warm up quicker than that because we have garden work to do! :)
Anyway, in case you have forgotten it's spring too, I'd like to share my pictures with you!
Little Miss Sunshine was sitting on a blanket when she decided she wanted to crawl over to me. As soon as her hand touched the grass, she forgot all about me! She thought this was really cool stuff!

She started pulling handfuls of grass off the ground and throwing it into the air.

She was quite entertained with this new discovery.

(note to self: the next time its absolutely gorgeous outside and you rush through lunch because you are just dying to get out there, and you notice that your child got food all over her little sweater but you decide you don't mind because you have to get outside RIGHT. THAT. SECOND. don't forget that you will probably end up taking pictures and will later wish you had taken a few minutes to change her sweater. C'mon, Jodi.)

First time on the swing!

In case you can't tell from the picture, she absolutely loved it. Squishy nose galore!

Squishy nose with her mouth wide open.

The kids LOVE their swing set. It's their favorite place to play outside.

Second Place: the crab apple tree in our front yard. Mr. Tickle is excited because he's big enough to climb it this year. My rule is, if you can't get up there on your own, you can't get up there.

Signs of spring: the bulbs are blooming!

New growth on the crab apple tree.

Our hydrangea that Mike bought me for Mother's Day last year. We were afraid it was dead! But no! Still alive. :)

This was another gift from mike on Mother's Day. Best rose ever. The deer really feasted on this thing last year. But look at all that new growth! We'll try harder to protect you this year, little rose bush. Don't worry.

Sunshine has been hanging out in here while I do yard work. Just until the ground dries out a bit and every thing's not so muddy. Tickle went in there because he thinks it's fun!

Little Miss Chatterbox made a "house" on the front deck. She loves to make little "homes" wherever she can.

When the sun started going down, it got a little too chilly for Sunshine. So she watched her best friends through the storm door window. It was so cute. So naturally, I grabbed my camera and went outside to get a picture of her.

After posing for a picture, she realized she was now the only one inside and started banging on the window.

Then she noticed her fingers and decided to check them out a minute.

Then back to her pleas. She even whipped out the squishy nose in hopes that her cuteness would get her outside.

When that didn't work, she got angry. This is her "I'm not messin' around" look. Hahaha. Oh, Little Miss Sunshine. What a cutie pie.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Happy spring, everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Asking St. Anthony for help

*UPDATE: She's been found! Thank you for your prayers!

Little Miss Chatterbox has a very dear friend named Tigress. She's a stuffed animal tiger, but she's much more to Chatterbox. Look at any picture of Chatterbox on this blog, and you will see Tigress tucked under her arm. She doesn't go ANYWHERE without her. To Chatterbox, she's a member of the family. She even made her a Valentine on St. Valentine's feast day. She wanted me to take pictures of Tigress when I took the kids school pictures. She made sure I set up a spot at the table for Tigress at our St. Patrick's day feast. She can't sleep without her.
And she's been missing for two days.
The last time Chatterbox remembers having her was outside. We looked everywhere but couldn't find her. I hope she's not outside because it's been raining the past two days. Tigress was already falling apart from being so loved. I don't think she would make it through two days in the rain. My heart breaks for my little girl as she adjusts to life without Tigress. She's doing surprisingly well. I thought bedtime would be a problem but it hasn't been. Every so often, I notice Chatterbox reach under her arm and then remember that Tigress is not there.
Would you please ask St. Anthony of Padua to pray for us and help us find her?

"St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around. Something's been lost and cannot be found."


Feast of St. Patrick Part Four: A Gift for Mr. Tickle

I love how even though my sister lives on the opposite side of the States, she still finds a way to pop up during our celebrations! In this case, her birthday gifts for Mr. Tickle arrived on St. Patrick's day. He liked the little giraffe on the front of his card and thought he was cute.

Chatterbox read the card out loud to Mr. Tickle.

Tickle studied the wrapping paper. One of the monkeys had a banana peel on its head and Tickle found it to be hilarious! Aunt Jan had a feeling that Mr. Tickle and Sock monkey would be a perfect match! She was right!

ABC Flash cards! Perfect for school!

Mr. Tickle being very meticulous about opening his gift.

New, fun stickers! Yipee!

Tickle wanted one on his shirt.

And then came the big gift: A Sock Monkey! My talented sister MADE him! It was love at first sight. ;) Tickle named him "Mr. Sockey" otherwise known as just "Sockey".

"Look! He has a tail!"

She also made a matching Sock Monkey blanket. Chatterbox wrapped Sockey up for Tickle.

He was very pleased and snuggled with his new friend.

Pose for a picture to show Aunt Jan!

"Mom, he has big, red lips!"

"And there's a monkey button on his hat!"

The kids went to introduce Sockey to the Monkey family. The Monkey family just so happened to be in the need of a dad. Here's the happy family. Baby George, Sockey and Maria Monkey.

Here's a nice view of the blanket. On Funny's head. Funny was being funny.

Here are the boys with Tickles' new stickers. Guess who's idea it was to put them on their face? And guess who copied his big brother? ;) Silly boys.

Thank you so much, Aunt Jan!! We love you and miss you!

Feast of St. Patrick Part Three: A Puppet Show!

Lacy from Catholic Icing came up with these adorable St. Patrick puppets. I cut out all the pieces for Mr. Funny and he glued them on and drew a nose all by himself. He was so proud! I thought he did a great job and he really enjoyed it. I need to do more crafts with him!He looks so much like his daddy in this picture.

Mr. Funny didn't want to make one so I made his for him. He's not that into crafts and we had already made a bunch of other things. So by this point, he was done!

After teaching to the kids Lacy's cute St. Patrick Trinity song, Little Miss Chatterbox decided to have a puppet show. She performed it for us when Mike got home. It was about St. Patrick's life story. She made her stage out of a box. And brought out every last stuffed animal she owns to join the production.
She was so cute! I couldn't stop giggling because I loved it so much. She would stop and ask, "Why are you laughing?" And I would say, "Because you're so cute!"
At the end, she called in her brothers and they all sang the St. Patrick Trinity song.

It reminded me of something I would have done as a kid. I was always looking for opportunities to perform for the family. Like mother, like daughter!