Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere

Our washing machine had been acting up but Rock was able to fix it so that we could continue to do laundry. But guess what? It decided to act up again. And I just had to decide to throw in a load late last night. And then forget to go downstairs to throw it in the dryer before bed. And then woke up this morning, walked downstairs, and noticed that the carpet was a different color. Hmmmmm...that's odd. I walk over to the discolored carpet and all of a sudden there is a puddle of water around feet. I then realize I hear the sound of water in the laundry room. The washing machine was still filling up with water-and had been for 10 hours. The laundry room, closet, bathroom, classroom and half of the main area in the basement is flooded. Sorry, Rock. Looks like we'll need a new washing machine after all. And new carpet.
So why am I sitting here on the computer and not cleaning it up? Because I'm drinking an energy drink and pondering on how my other plans for today are out the window. C'mon, kids! Grab a bucket!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pentecost Pictures

I love taking a break from the "every day" and spending time with the family on Sundays.

*cloud picture and Ang on the swing taken by LMChatterbox

Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church!

On Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost, the "birth" of our Church.
Take a look at our menu:

I thought of Buffalo Wings to give us "Tongues of Fire" and also because wings would represent the Dove which is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. I already had chicken thighs, so we had those instead of the wings. I found the recipe here. It was really good. Be sure you use Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It's the best!

We also had 7 Layer Dip to represent the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit.
1. Wisdom
2. Understanding
3. Counsel
4. Fortitude
5. Knowledge
6. Piety
7. Fear

Here's our 12 Fruit Salad to represent the 12 Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
1. Charity
2. Joy
3. Peace
4. Patience
5. Kindness
6. Goodness
7. Generosity
8. Gentleness
9. Faithfulness
10. Modesty
11. Self-Control
12. Chastity
Yes, we actually had 12 different kinds of fruit!
1. Apples
2. Bananas
3. Mandarin Oranges
4. Pineapple
5. Mango
6. Cantalope
7. Strawberries
8. Blueberries
9. Raspberries
10. Blackberries
11. Grapes and
12. Cherries
It was delicious!!

For dessert: Angel Food cake with strawberry "flames" and adorned with 12 candles to represent the Apostles and a blue candle for Mother Mary. We sang happy Birthday and ...

then came the "mighty gusts of wind".

Our crafts:

We made this wind socket which was a great idea from Dawn. And we started making stained glass mosaics, but it was such a beautiful day that none of us wanted to stay in and finish it! Maybe later.... we also had a special guest with us. My brother's girlfriend (hopefully one day sister-in-law!) came over to hang out. The kids love it when she comes over. (Rock and I do too, of course!) I will put up more pictures in a different post. Happy Pentecost!!!!


Two of my husband's cousins were Confirmed this past weekend. (here he is with them). We had a great time at the party. The kid's enjoy hanging out with their cousins and second cousins!

Little Miss Chatterbox with her closest cousin, Laila

Mr. Tickles with Pop-Pop

Rock playing basketball with a cousin

Top Row, Left to Right: Rock's sister, Rock's Mom, Rock's Aunt (holding one of her kids), Rock's Grandpa Skube, Rock's Uncle, and two more Aunt's.
Bottom Row, Left and Right: Rock's Uncle, Rock (These are 6 of the 15 Skube children)

Mr. Tickles loved this bike!

Mr. Funny and his cousin

Aunt and Uncle (Baby #9 due in August)

Me and Doph

Congratulations, Boys!!

It was a beautiful evening.

More School Photos

My Little Mermaid

No, I'm not talking about the Disney movie. I'm talking about Little Miss Chatterbox. This girl loves to be in water! Now that the warm weather is here, she wants to spend the entire day out in the pool. The other day, she walked by the pool and just couldn't resist. She jumped in with all her clothes on. On the last day of school, she was in the pool for two hours. Then it started to rain and I told her she had to go inside. So, she decided to take a bath. And she was in there for FOUR hours! She told stories and played with her toys and pretended to be a mermaid. She absolutely loves it. I definitely need to get her in swimming.

My Nana

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Day of School

School is over! Yes! I mean....umm. Never mind. Hehehe. Let's just say I'm looking forward to summer school! I'm using all new stuff and we're starting a whole new series of programs. It should be really fun and I'm excited about the change. But we'll miss you, Christopher! (My nephew and godson joined us this year in school) I wanted to start summer school today, but I'm still trying to order all the books I need and make lesson plans and I'd like to give the classroom a whole new look too. We've just been so busy.... I get so sick of saying that! But we are, so what can I do about it? Anyway, the kids had a fun last day. They swam in our little pool and ate our summer tradition: Bubblegum Ice Cream!

Sorting Goldfish for our math lesson

Beach Scenes made for our Beach Week

Getting ready to swim in the pool

The Highlight of Nana's Birthday

Besides being thankful that Nana is still here to celebrate her 80th birthday with us, the best part was that my big sis came from CA to celebrate with us!! I had a great time, Bean! (Does anyone know where the origins of that nickname came from?) We love you and miss you tremendously.

What is going on with my shirt?

Nana's Cake

There are many things I'd like to share with you but first things first. I said I would let you know how Nana's cake went.
It tasted good (The Doctor never lets me down) and each individual tier turned out well. They actually came out the way I pictured them in my head!! That rarely happens. I usually can't reproduce the ideas in my head. So, that was good.
Then the whole hour and a half drive to the party was pretty stressful because I was worried about the cake slipping or falling or whatever. But we made it there without any disasters. So, that was good too. But then I had to put the tiers together. I got them on okay but then they slowly started to lean... and lean...and lean. Someone was like, "We better hurry up and sing Happy Birthday before the cake falls over." Yeah. It was that bad. All the work, all the time, all the planning, the stressing, etc. didn't mean a darn thing because I couldn't get the tiers right. I've done tiered cakes before with no problem so the thing is, I still haven't figured out what went wrong here. Therefore, I can't learn from my mistake! So, to all those people who have asked me why I don't start my own business, this is why. Because after making these cakes for 3 years I obviously still don't know what I'm doing. Anyway.... here it is:
Oh, it's so awful. I can't stand looking at it. Don't look too closely, okay? You might notice how the second and third tiers aren't even connected. I can't take it anymore. I must stop looking. Well, Happy 80th Birthday, Nana!