Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daybook #5

Outside my window... snow! I can't believe it. Last week the kids were playing outside in short sleeves because it was 70 degrees outside. Even my bulbs thought it was spring! Our crocus' bloomed and the hyacinths are on their way up. I know I said I wanted more snow, but after having a taste of warm weather, I think I'll stay inside and pretend the snow isn't there...
I am thinking... about how busy March is going to be. Wait, isn't that the case with every month? ;)
I am thankful for...
*Sundays. No matter how busy the weeks get, I can always count on a relaxing Sunday.
*Mike being home in the evenings. No more OT!!!
From the learning room... All About Spelling is a fantastic program! I have so much fun using it with the kids and they enjoy it too. It's so much more than just a spelling program. Mr. Funny is learning his phonics with it too which is also teaching him to read. Love it! I highly recommend it to all parents!
From the kitchen... finally able to get groceries and follow a menu plan again! Not knowing what you're going to feed your family for dinner can be so stressful!
I am creating...
-thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts Mr. Funny received for his birthday
-First Holy Communion plans
-Lent plans
-Easter plans
-Birthday plans for Mr. Tickle
I am read
ing... The Hidden Power of Kindness by Lawrence G. Lovasik
I am hoping... that the stomach flu has left the building for good! It went from LM Sunshine, to Mr. Tickle, me and then to LM Chatterbox. We were fine Saturday and Sunday and I figured Mike and Mr. Funny were going to be spared. But then after driving all the way to work yesterday morning, Mike had to turn around and come up because he too got sick. Here's hoping it won't get to Mr. Funny!
I am praying... for Teresa. And many pregnant friends. :)
I am hearing... Mozart. The kids and I are learning about him in school.
Around the house... way too much STUFF. Didn't finish the girl's room. Decided to work in my room instead. Even went out and bought paint for our room this weekend! I get so excited about painting. I have been staring at these white walls for 4 1/2 years now. It's time for some color! Pictures to come when it gets done.
One of my favorite things.... sunshine and warm days.
Living the Liturgical Year...it is currently Ordinary Time. A little bit of quiet before Lent comes- the hardest but most rewarding time of the year.
Little Miss Sunshine this week... is becoming quite the little Daddy's Girl. When Mike gets home from work she flashes him her biggest smile to draw him in so he'll hold her. And at other times, if I am holding her and Mike comes into sight, she reaches for him. Sweetest thing ever.
Netflix Movie Review... We watched "Emma" starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Mike was reluctant to watch it and then fell asleep within the first five minutes. Haha. I thought the character, Emma, was annoying. And since she was the main character, well, I just didn't enjoy it that much.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Silly Goose

St. Valentine's Day

A first for Little Miss Sunshine. This bib was bought by Aunt Jan when Little Miss Chatterbox was celebrating her first St. Valentine's Day. Glad I've saved it all these years!

We started the day off with Valentine's from Grammy and Grandpa. Thank you, Gram and Grandpa!

The kids were so excited to find McDonald's gift certificates inside! And they got little boxes of SweeTart hearts. These kids sure are loved!

Little Miss Chatterbox read Little Miss Sunshines card to her.

School went on as usual but with yummy treats an pretty pencils with hearts on them.
After school, the kids played outside while I set up the table for our St. Valentine's Day Tea Party. Ever since I had a tea party with my sister on Valentine's Day when I was little, I've always associate tea parties with Valentine's Day. :) It was a big deal because I got to use her tea set and we ate conversation hearts; but mostly because I got to hang out with my big sis. (Love you, Jan!)
My kids were so excited with this. I think it will be a new tradition.

They were so thrilled when they came in and saw everything!

The happy bunch. (I didn't have a vase for the roses so I used a tea pot. And since my kids don't care for tea, we drank soda which is a BIG treat in our house. So that tea pot was really the only "tea" element of this "tea" party. hehe)

Aunt Jan sent goodie bags to all of us! The kids got boxes of chocolate, new socks, and stickers inside the cutest little bags.

Little Miss Chatterbox also got a beautiful pink bow for her hair.

I got a gorgeous rose note card set, foot lotion with socks and flower seed packets! Aunt Jan is the sweetest and most thoughtful sis/aunt there is!!

And Aunt Jan got Sunshine this adorable outfit!

Little Miss Chatterbox didn't want the tea party to end so she continued it in the living room while she used her new stickers to make "sticker scenes" as she calls them. ;)

It was a lovely day!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That time of year...

We've received a visit from a stomach bug so I won't be able to post our St. Valentine's Day pictures. But I hope you all had a lovely day!!

I'll be back when my duty of cuddling little sick ones is complete. (Started with Sunshine. Now Mr. Tickle.)

Until then, Happy St. Valentine's Day!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Funny!

My oldest boy turned five yesterday. It was a good day. Simple yet special. And full of love.
We started the day off with a special breakfast. Blue pancakes with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry. Then the kids got the day off of school (mainly because Mom needed to finish making the cake) and played all morning.

Uncle Ju was off work this week so he got to spend the day with us!What a special treat!

He and Ang took Mr. Funny to Wal-Mart to pick out a toy for his birthday. But first, Mom took him to McDonald's for lunch to get a happy meal!

After our fun afternoon, we met Dad at Chuck-E-Cheese fordinner. Dad was able to get off from over time to spend the evening with the birthday boy.

The pizza was very yummy!

Since Ang wasn't there to eat our crust (we missed you, Ang!), we gave it to Little Miss Sunshine. She loved it!

They even had a Star Wars game there. Cool!
Mr. Funny was very good at Skee Ball.
He got lots of tickets and even won a toy.
The kids had a great time playing. Even Sunshine joined in the fun!

Then we went home for cake and presents. Funny got a lot of nice things! A St. John Vianney statue from Dad and Mom (patron of parish priests), a handmade tool belt and a toolbox full of tools from Aunt Jan and Uncle Adam, a light saber from Ang (he hasn't put that thing down since. He even slept with it!), hot wheel set and cars from Uncle Ju, a St. Vincent de Paul book from the Osbourns and THREE cards came in the mail, each containing $5 from Grammy & Grandpa, Nana and the Kyles. This boy sure is loved!

The cake was Star Wars, of course. One of my sloppier ones, but that's what you get when you have four kids to take care of. ;) But the good thing is, kids don't notice the mistakes and Funny loved his cake.

And that was the end to our lovely day.

My dear boy,
God gave you a heart full of love. You've been smiling since before you were even born. ( I even have a sonogram pic. to prove it.) You look after all of us, making sure we're happy. And if we're not, you'll make us laugh. You're the first one to offer a helping hand and have been a great role model for your little brother. You put up with a lot from your big sis but you never hold a grudge. And boy does it drive her crazy when she's angry and starts yelling at you and you just smile at her and tell her you love her. :) I can't imagine life without that great big smile. You talk of being a priest some day. I wouldn't be surprised. You have the perfect heart for the job. Thank you for gifting us with your love. You are a blessing. I love you. (oh, and do me a favor. Have mercy on your mother and stop doing dangerous things like flips off of Dad's dresser. I could do without the daily scares.)
Happy birthday to my smart, handsome, athletic, compassionate, tender hearted boy!