Monday, February 7, 2011

Daybook #4

Outside my window... sunny and 50! But I don't think this will last very long.
I am thinking... that if it's not going to snow, I'm ready for spring.
I am thankful for... all the wonderful people in my family
who do so many special things for my children.
From the learning room..
. I LOVE Teaching Textbooks!!
From the kitchen... Mr.Funny wants a Star Wars cake with Luke fighting Darth Vador on the top. I went out to find action figures but couldn't find Luke or Darth Vador. Now I have to make
them out of fondant. Rats.
I am creating...
-thank you cards. I'd really like to mark this off sometime s
oon. I had great plans of making homemade cards with
the kids but that is why they haven't been done yet. I think
I'll just have to write in pre-made cards and mayb
e have the kids draw a picture.
-a Star Wars cake for Mr. Funny.
-birthday plans for Mr. Funny
-plans for a St. Valentine's Day Tea Party with the kids
-First Holy Communion plans
-Lent plans
-Easter plans
I am read
ing... The Diary of Saint Faustina and The Well-Educated Mind by Susan Wis
e Bauer. (I can never read just
one thing at a time...)
I am hoping... that Little Miss Chatterbox doesn't lose any more teeth for awhile. She's wearing out the Tooth Fairy. ;)
I am praying... for Teresa. And Stephanie, Augusztina and Therese. Three friends, all expecting and all high-risk.
I am hearing... Mr. Funny
sounding out words as he reads a book!! Yes! My boy is reading!
Around the house... way too much STUFF. Got the boys room done. Moving on to the girls room.
One of my favorite things..
. babies.
Living the Liturgical Year...
it is currently Ordinary Time. A little bit of quiet before Lent comes- the hardest but most rewarding
time of the year.
Little Miss Sunshine this week...
has double ear infections. Bu
t that hasn't slowed her down
one little bit! She also makes the cutest, funniest little expression now! Whenever she starts to crawl, she scrunches up her nose. It CRACKS. ME. UP!!! Actually, she does when she's happy too. And when she sees me or one of her siblings. Or when she's eating. Hmm...I think she may
have caught on that she gets a big reaction from it and so she's just doing it all the time!
Netflix Movie Review...
didn't have time for a movie
this week.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

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  1. Awww, super cute SpongeBob cake!! Did you draw those?? Amazing. I didn't have time for a movie this week either. :( I'm way behind on my list.