Tuesday, February 22, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

A first for Little Miss Sunshine. This bib was bought by Aunt Jan when Little Miss Chatterbox was celebrating her first St. Valentine's Day. Glad I've saved it all these years!

We started the day off with Valentine's from Grammy and Grandpa. Thank you, Gram and Grandpa!

The kids were so excited to find McDonald's gift certificates inside! And they got little boxes of SweeTart hearts. These kids sure are loved!

Little Miss Chatterbox read Little Miss Sunshines card to her.

School went on as usual but with yummy treats an pretty pencils with hearts on them.
After school, the kids played outside while I set up the table for our St. Valentine's Day Tea Party. Ever since I had a tea party with my sister on Valentine's Day when I was little, I've always associate tea parties with Valentine's Day. :) It was a big deal because I got to use her tea set and we ate conversation hearts; but mostly because I got to hang out with my big sis. (Love you, Jan!)
My kids were so excited with this. I think it will be a new tradition.

They were so thrilled when they came in and saw everything!

The happy bunch. (I didn't have a vase for the roses so I used a tea pot. And since my kids don't care for tea, we drank soda which is a BIG treat in our house. So that tea pot was really the only "tea" element of this "tea" party. hehe)

Aunt Jan sent goodie bags to all of us! The kids got boxes of chocolate, new socks, and stickers inside the cutest little bags.

Little Miss Chatterbox also got a beautiful pink bow for her hair.

I got a gorgeous rose note card set, foot lotion with socks and flower seed packets! Aunt Jan is the sweetest and most thoughtful sis/aunt there is!!

And Aunt Jan got Sunshine this adorable outfit!

Little Miss Chatterbox didn't want the tea party to end so she continued it in the living room while she used her new stickers to make "sticker scenes" as she calls them. ;)

It was a lovely day!!


  1. Oh my gosh. What an awesome day!!!
    And I'm sorry Jo, but I don't remember that tea party. :( That makes me sad that it was so memorable for you, but I don't even recall. I'm glad it is a nice memory though. I love you too!

    These kids are definitely very loved as well. :)

    I can't believe you still had that bib too! That is so cool.

    Everyone looks so festive and you did a great job with the table. I really like the roses in the tea pot. I just love that look.

    Hopefully you will be able to sprinkle those seeds soon! Til then, snuggle up and stay warm.

  2. Thanks for sharing. What a nice day you had.