Wednesday, December 29, 2010

History Repeats

Justin, Jason and Jansie holding Jodi (My siblings and I)

Six Months

"Wow! She's already sitting up! Wow, she's already clapping! Wow! She's already about to crawl!"
These have been my thoughts recently. Until her six month mark when I realized she's suppose to be doing these things. She is six months old, after all. But it has come so fast that it seemed to me that she was doing all these things early! How could she be six months old already? That means that in six more months she'll be (gulp) a year old.
She's been sucking on her bottom lip (which you'll notice in the pictures below) because she's teething. First tooth should be here any day!
A big thank you to Aunt Jan for all the cute little outfits seen in these pictures!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Are You Ready for This?

She sat up today. By herself.
And sat there for a whole full minute, looking like a big girl. And I happened to already have my camera so I snapped a bunch of pictures. Her head is cut off in most of them because I wasn't looking through the lens.
I was cheering and smiling and holding back tears and looking at my baby girl through my own eyes, not through a camera. Why tears? Because she looked so different. She looked so much older.
The same way Little Miss Chatterbox looks these days. I look at LMC and think, "Where did my little girl go? Who is this young lady?" And so seeing Little Miss Sunshine doing her new thing was bittersweet. It was a moment of being proud and a moment of knowing how quick this will go by and knowing that way too soon she'll be looking like a young lady too.
So I'm enjoying it now as much as I can. Isn't she cutest? I love you, my little sweetie pie.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skyline Drive

Taking advantage of what's left of fall. It was freezing this past weekend!

Got too cold for Little Miss Sunshine so we hung out in the car while Mike and the kids finished exploring outside.

"Mom, can we climb the rocks?"
"Mom said we can climb the rocks!!!"

(Everyone else was asleep at this point)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Cast of Saints 2010

St. Agnes' Lamb

St. Agnes

And to answer my sisters question: Mike's friend is not St. Francis.
He was St. Thomas Aquinas. :)
Happy All Saints Day!