Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Skyline Drive

Taking advantage of what's left of fall. It was freezing this past weekend!

Got too cold for Little Miss Sunshine so we hung out in the car while Mike and the kids finished exploring outside.

"Mom, can we climb the rocks?"
"Mom said we can climb the rocks!!!"

(Everyone else was asleep at this point)


  1. MLC is a great photographer!! I love that first close up pic of you and Mike. I'm so glad you got to take a trip to the skyline. Those pics you got of the sky are sooooo pretty. But ya'll do look like you're freezing to death, hahaha. Beautiful, beautiful family!!

  2. Great pictures. How cold was it? I wish we could have gone with you. I love Skyline Drive. Want to go back to that waterfalls and spend some time.

  3. Off topic here...Hello,

    My daughter received your daughter's St. Therese art card. I feel
    like I should know you since we lived in Front Royal for 10 years before
    moving to Tennessee 5 years ago. If your daughter would like to have a pen-pal,
    Mmy daughter would like to have her.

    (And this blog post made me home sick!!!)

    God bless you and Happy Advent!