Monday, April 13, 2009

New Beginings

It's Easter Monday. A time for all things new. A new season, new flowers, new life, and... a new blog?

I have loved to write since I was a young child. In fact, I can remember vividly being in the third grade and visiting my grandpa on his farm in NY and after being asked what I was going to be when I grew up my answer was, "I'm going to move to New York City to be a writer." But as time has passed, my life has gotten busier and busier and time to write has gotten less and less. I always told myself that when I had kids I would write down every detail about them as they grew, write down any special moments, any cute things they said, write letters to them to read when they get older, etc. Well, now that I do have kids I have three almost empty baby books, a completely empty "mom" journal, four letters to the oldest, two letters to the middle child and no letters to the youngest and a little bit of anxiety that I will forget the details of these days.
I was just recently thrown into the world of blogs after looking for saint coloring pages to give my kids to color on corresponding feast days. This led me to Charlotte's blog, "Waltzing Matilda" and her blog led me to another blog, which led me to another blog and another and another and so on. They were all Catholic moms trying to homeschool their children just like me and they had fantastic ideas on how to share the liturgical season with their families. These were just the things I had been looking for in books and on the web and now tried and true ideas were at my fingertips. I was hooked. After awhile, I realized how wonderful it was that these families were preserving their memories through their blogs. One part of me thought this would be a great fix for my "no time to write". But a different part of me said that I already spend too much time reading blogs and that I shouldn't spend more time writing a blog. The idea contintued to pop into my mind but I continued to throw it out.
Lately, my homeschooling duties, mothering duties and wife duties have continuingly kept me on the go. I don't get much time to communicate with my extended family and keep them up to date with what we're doing. The blog idea popped back into my head again. But this time, I didn't throw it out. I started thinking of what I would title my blog if I were to start one. I thought of the blogs I read daily and how most of these mothers are way more experienced in their faith and vocation than I. So I was thinking of calling my blog, "Hi. I'm new here." I lame. But, God decided He would inspire me with a different name.
When I woke up this morning I thought about the Easter season and how it gives us all a new beginning. I thanked God for the graces He gave me this Lenten season and for the many oppurtunities I received to share and teach my faith with my children. I felt alive and ready to tackle the day. I wanted to plan and prepare. I wanted to clean and get organized. I wanted routine and order. This is rare for me because I am usually a "stop and smell the roses", "go with the flow" type person. But none the less, I strive for orderliness everyday even though I fail more times than I succeed. Today I felt especially confident, ready to make my new resolutions for this season of new beginnings. Then I realized what a great title that would be for my blog! Thanks for the inspiration, God! It's so much better than my first idea. And, ya'know, since I had a name picked out it kinda urged me to get this blog started. So, here I am. Ready and willing to blog and preserve.


  1. Yay! I love reading your writing. I hope this doesn't mean I won't get any more emails. ;) So glad you started this. Will it email us when you have new posts? Or should we just be checking it periodically?

  2. Thanks, Jan! Ya'know...I'm not sure? That would be helpful if it would e-mail you. I'll have to do some research.;)