Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Six Months

"Wow! She's already sitting up! Wow, she's already clapping! Wow! She's already about to crawl!"
These have been my thoughts recently. Until her six month mark when I realized she's suppose to be doing these things. She is six months old, after all. But it has come so fast that it seemed to me that she was doing all these things early! How could she be six months old already? That means that in six more months she'll be (gulp) a year old.
She's been sucking on her bottom lip (which you'll notice in the pictures below) because she's teething. First tooth should be here any day!
A big thank you to Aunt Jan for all the cute little outfits seen in these pictures!


  1. She is SO adorable!!!! I can't stand it!

  2. Thank you! I know...I just want to eat her up!

  3. Great pictures! I need to see her more often. She is growing so fast. Love the outfits. My favorite is the one with the red snowflake, very cute.
    Like the new picture of the 4 in their pj's. Can I get a copy of that?

  4. She is beautiful, Jodi. I love to catch up on your life here!
    p.s. Is that a touch of red I see in her hair? Uh-oh......

  5. Hey Em! Good to hear from you! I'm not sure why her hair looks a bit red in those pictures. It really doesn't look that way in person. But that would be cool!