Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feast of St. Patrick Part Four: A Gift for Mr. Tickle

I love how even though my sister lives on the opposite side of the States, she still finds a way to pop up during our celebrations! In this case, her birthday gifts for Mr. Tickle arrived on St. Patrick's day. He liked the little giraffe on the front of his card and thought he was cute.

Chatterbox read the card out loud to Mr. Tickle.

Tickle studied the wrapping paper. One of the monkeys had a banana peel on its head and Tickle found it to be hilarious! Aunt Jan had a feeling that Mr. Tickle and Sock monkey would be a perfect match! She was right!

ABC Flash cards! Perfect for school!

Mr. Tickle being very meticulous about opening his gift.

New, fun stickers! Yipee!

Tickle wanted one on his shirt.

And then came the big gift: A Sock Monkey! My talented sister MADE him! It was love at first sight. ;) Tickle named him "Mr. Sockey" otherwise known as just "Sockey".

"Look! He has a tail!"

She also made a matching Sock Monkey blanket. Chatterbox wrapped Sockey up for Tickle.

He was very pleased and snuggled with his new friend.

Pose for a picture to show Aunt Jan!

"Mom, he has big, red lips!"

"And there's a monkey button on his hat!"

The kids went to introduce Sockey to the Monkey family. The Monkey family just so happened to be in the need of a dad. Here's the happy family. Baby George, Sockey and Maria Monkey.

Here's a nice view of the blanket. On Funny's head. Funny was being funny.

Here are the boys with Tickles' new stickers. Guess who's idea it was to put them on their face? And guess who copied his big brother? ;) Silly boys.

Thank you so much, Aunt Jan!! We love you and miss you!


  1. Awww, he is the cutest little guy!! I'm so glad he liked Sockey. ;) These are great pictures, thank you for taking them. One of the pics I sent on your phone that you couldn't see what a picture of Sockey with the caption 'Viva La Sock Monkey!' lol I don't know why I thought he would look good with a beret. Glad you guys had such a fun feast day!!

  2. You can tell by Francis' face that Mr. Sockey will be his good buddy for years to come. The pictures are great.