Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feast of St. Patrick Part Three: A Puppet Show!

Lacy from Catholic Icing came up with these adorable St. Patrick puppets. I cut out all the pieces for Mr. Funny and he glued them on and drew a nose all by himself. He was so proud! I thought he did a great job and he really enjoyed it. I need to do more crafts with him!He looks so much like his daddy in this picture.

Mr. Funny didn't want to make one so I made his for him. He's not that into crafts and we had already made a bunch of other things. So by this point, he was done!

After teaching to the kids Lacy's cute St. Patrick Trinity song, Little Miss Chatterbox decided to have a puppet show. She performed it for us when Mike got home. It was about St. Patrick's life story. She made her stage out of a box. And brought out every last stuffed animal she owns to join the production.
She was so cute! I couldn't stop giggling because I loved it so much. She would stop and ask, "Why are you laughing?" And I would say, "Because you're so cute!"
At the end, she called in her brothers and they all sang the St. Patrick Trinity song.

It reminded me of something I would have done as a kid. I was always looking for opportunities to perform for the family. Like mother, like daughter!

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