Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010 (Part One)

We wanted to try a new pumpkin patch this year and decided on Great Country Farms because it had been recommended by a family member. We're really glad we went because the scenery was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun.

They had what they called an "air pillow" which was this huge pillow looking thing full of air. Pretty logical name then, eh?
Anyway, the kids thought it was awesome and had a great time jumping on it. Little Miss Chatterbox had fun pretending to be a kangaroo, Mr. Funny had fun jumping off of it and Mr. Tickle enjoyed himself by being more cautious and taking little jumps.

Then we moved on to the "forest" where they had little playgrounds set up and a really need rope spider web to play in.
And they had a huge chess set.
Then it was off to find the slides. The first one we saw was really neat because it was a bit hidden under vines and growing plants.
The kids would walk up the logs steps and then slide out of the bottom.
Mr. Tickle LOVED this SO much. I stayed with him awhile longer after Mike and the other kids went to use the rope swings because he wasn't ready to move on. The smile on his face every time he slid out was priceless.
Little Miss Sunshine only got to watch but I could tell she wished she was big enough to go because she would kick her legs and wave her arms like wild every time a sibling popped out of the slide.
(photo by Little Miss Chatterbox)
Little Miss Chatterbox really enjoyed the rope swing but Mr.Funny was scared. I thought they were really cool.
Then there was a mountain made of tractor tires, a mechanical T-Rex that eats pumpkins and a double barrel slide. We didn't get to see P-Rex in action but the kids got their picture with him.
(We don't know the man in the picture. I think he wanted to be king of the mountain)
(the 60' double barrel slide)

And this post is taking entirely too long so I will have to come back some time next week to finish it!

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  1. SO AWESOME!!!!! I wanna go! So glad you decided to switch. This place takes the cake! And wow, did Mr. Tickle have a growth spurt or something? He looks so much bigger all of a sudden!
    Thanks for the email earlier today. Been busy with Teresa but will reply soon. Or maybe call!
    Can't wait for part 2. :)