Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Murder Mystery Party

My brother hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner Party at his house this past Saturday. Have you ever played one? They're a lot of fun! It's neat to get an invitation in the mail telling which part you are to play. Then you get to dress up and at the party you read from a script. This was my third time at one of these and it never gets old. We had a great time and my brother's food was delicious. He did vegetarian food for Ang and ya'know what? I didn't miss the meat at all!

Okay, so here's the run down on the situation. Mark and Victoria Lester are a rich couple who always had wonderful dinner parties. Until the last party, when Victoria was poisoned and died. SO, who done it? Was it:
MARK LESTER? Victoria's Husband

ELEANOR? Mark's Secretary and Friend of Victoria

ROBERT? Mark's Business Associate and Right-Hand man

CHRISTOPHER? Victoria and Marks good for nothin' son

DESIREE? Christopher's girlfriend whom Victoria did not approve

CANDY? Desiree's mom. The flirty widow next door

DOROTHY MAY? Victoria's eccentric sister

WILLIAM "Big Bill"? Dorothy's Husband


ELEANOR!!! the secretary who was in love with her boss. hahaha. So corny, but it was fun!

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  1. Hey, who were the two on the bottom? I don't recognize them. How fun!! You know I love these games too. I really need to throw one sometime. Wow Jodi, evil killer. ;)