Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hospital

This was our third time delivering at Warren Memorial Hospital and we were as pleased with it as ever. We get a private room which is big enough for Mike and I to both be comfortable, it's a small hospital so we are usually one of maybe two or three other families having babies, they have a kitchen stocked with food and drinks for the patients and assisting partners and best of all they have the most incredible nursing staff. They are friendly, efficient, hard working, and very personable. They always greet you with a smile, they check on you often to see if you need anything, they explain things to you and since it's a small hospital they have time to stay a minute or two and have a conversation with you and you really get to know each other better.
One thing we really enjoy is a choice between a massage for Mom or a steak dinner for Mom and Dad. I always pick the steak dinner. :)

On your last day at the hospital, they bring you Steak, a salad and a baked potato along with some kind of dessert (It was a strawberry shortcake kind of cake this time) and sparkling apple cider. They gave us bottles of Coke this time too, so we drank those and brought the apple cider home for the kids. Everything was delicious!
We are so blessed with this hospital and with our Doctor. It really makes all the difference!!

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