Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easter Morning

Ah, Easter. I love Easter. It's my favorite holiday. He is Risen! Lent is over! Spring is here! There's so much to celebrate. It's always such a beautiful day. This year was especially wonderful because our first born received her First Holy Communion!
Here are a few pictures of our morning.
We always buy family gifts that the children share and then put their individual gifts in their baskets. This was our table with the family gifts and our Sacred Heart picture adorned with lilies. The kids love this because during Holy Week our picture is veiled.
Morning prayers:
The kids were so excited about it being Little Miss Sunshine's first Easter. It was the cutest thing!

We got her one of those walking toys and she was so glad to have a walking aid.

Growing up, my mom always hid our baskets and I loved that tradition! So I have happily passed it on to my kids. Here they are, finding their baskets.

Then they noticed their calendar. At the beginning of Lent, this poster board was covered with post its. Each day we removed one, slowly revealing the picture underneath. He is Risen! Alleluia!
Sunshine was very excited with her basket!

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