Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Beach Trip- Arriving

As our family grows, packing for a trip gets more and more challenging. And time consuming. And tedious. As I wrote out lists of what I would need to pack for each person (minus Mike. He packs for himself) and then made lists of what we would eat and what to bring for the kids to do, I quickly became overwhelmed. I found myself thinking, "Is this trip even worth all this packing??" You must understand. I'm a very simple person who wouldn't mind staying home every. single. day. So anyway, I continued packing and with the family's help, we were all packed up and ready to go the night before. We woke up early. The house was bursting with excitement. The kids ran to the van and anxiously waited in their seats while I wrapped up the breakfast sandwiches Mike made for us. (Which I was going to make, but Mike woke up extra early and made them for me!) Then I joined them in the van and we were on our way! Everything went so smoothly. The kids were great. Little Miss Sunshine slept most the way. The kids happily worked on little activities we packed for them. (We borrowed Dry Erase cards by: Usbourne from my Mom and they were beyond doubt the favorite amongst the kids)

Before we knew it, we had arrived! When we get to the bridge that takes us across the bay and into Ocean City, we roll the windows down to get a whiff of that sweet ocean air. Little Miss Chatterbox knew it was coming and could barely contain herself. She was squealing and clapping and making all kinds of noises in the back. It made me smile so big! Then when we got there and the windows went down, the kids were beyond excited.

So, is all that packing worth it? Oooooooooh, yeah.

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  1. Those last three pics make me laugh. SO worth it, alright. You guys have such a wonderful tradition of going there every year. They are very fortunate kiddos!!