Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Morning

First a picture with mom and dad.
The boys put baby Jesus in His manger.

Then we gathered around our big baby Jesus who resides under our tree to remind us of the greatest gift of all. Little Miss Sunshine LOVED that baby Jesus.
She was continually kissing his head and rocking him. It was so precious. We knew there was a chance that she might drop him, but it was just too sweet. So we let her love that baby. And then she dropped it and his arm broke....

Being the youngest sometimes has its perks. Sunshine got to open presents first. But her older siblings didn't mind. They all enjoyed watching her open her gift, ever so carefully. They were happy to revel in her joy.

Just as Mike and I revel in ALL their joy! It is so fun watching the kids open their gifts.

It's amazing how the fighting and arguing amongst siblings always ceases on Christmas morning.

After that we enjoyed a quiet Christmas breakfast together before time would come to get ready for the beautiful Christmas Mass.

The kids (and mom and dad) favorite item on the menu: Monkey Bread

It was a very merry CHRISTmas!! We are so blessed.

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