Thursday, August 9, 2012

June (Part Two)

First Day of Summer

We celebrated the start of summer with a water balloon fight. I wanted to start a fire in the fire pit and make s'mores too, but we didn't end up doing that until the end of July!

Little Miss Sunshine's Butterfly Party

We had a busy but fun day at my parents house as we celebrated Little Miss Sunshine's 2nd birthday. We ate pizza and cake, opened presents, went swimming and then spent the evening with Nana. Oh, and had a tea party! Uncle Ju got Sunshine a tea set for her birthday and Little Miss Chatterbox took it out on the porch and set up a nice little tea party for her, Sunshine and Uncle Ju.
 (The clear, bright pictures were taken by Justin)

Little Miss Sunshine's Birthday

On Little Miss Sunshine's actual birthday, we went to Mike's parents house for swimming, cupcakes and presents. She was so exhausted by the end, as you can see in that last picture! Two days of celebrations for this two year old was almost too much! :)

Last Day of School!

We always celebrate the last day of school with bubblegum ice cream in a cone. But I couldn't find any bubblegum ice cream this year! So, we ate party cake ice cream instead. The kids didn't mind. They love party cake ice cream. Congratulations to Little Miss Chatterbox for passing third grade and to Mr. Funny for passing first grade!

Summer Craft

I had originally planned to make tie-dyed heart shirts with the kids for the Sacred Heart feast. But like most times, we don't always get to everything I plan. But that's okay. We get to them eventually. :) 
I have been making tie-dye for a few years now. My first attempt was making onesies for Little Miss Chatterbox before she was even born. I like to buy the kits by Tulip. They make it so easy that even Little Miss Sunshine was able to squirt the dye on her shirt. I knew that Chatterbox would love this project but wasn't so sure about the boys. Turns out they loved it too! We will definitely be doing this again. A new summer tradition perhaps?

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