Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birds, Buds and Bugs

That's what we'll be learning this spring! With all this beautiful weather, I've been inspired to spend as much time outside as possible for the rest of the school year. After Easter, we will begin many nature studies on all my kids favorite things: Birds, Flowers and Bugs.
Our main objectives for each child will be:
Little Miss Chatterbox: Practice handwriting
Mr. Funny: Learn how to read
Mr. Tickle: Learn his alphabet

I'm so excited because I just found some great alphabet books on all three topics on Amazon.
Birds, Buds and Bugs!

We'll spend one week studying one letter, and the corresponding bird, flower and bug that goes with that letter. LM Chatterbox will have copy work to do, I will be looking for more easy reader books that go with our topic for Mr. Funny to read and Mr. Tickle will practice letter recognition.

For art, I have also found some coloring books that the kids will color and there are endless resources on-line for coloring pages too. We will also try to go outside and the older two will do oil pastel drawings of the flowers we find.

I also plan to find ways to do math by having the children help me plant flowers outside. They can count seeds, flower petals, LM Chatterbox and Mr. Funny can help me measure how deep to plant the seeds, etc.

While we're planting flowers, I want to try and plant some vegetables too! That way we can eventually eat the vegetables and the kids can help me prepare our summer dinners which I plan to keep simple and light. The kids love to help in the kitchen and it's true that they are more willing to eat something if they've helped prepare it.

But before we can actual eat the fruit of our labor, we will have picnics outside and I want to try and find some fun snacks that go alone with the letter we are learning.

Isn't Springtime great?

Oh, and I found this great website that teaches you all kinds of great things about gardening with kids. I can't wait to get out in the dirt!

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