Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Goodies

Have I told you how awesome my big sis is? She lives all the way on the other side of the United States but she let's us know that her thoughts and love are never far away. Let me show you what I mean:

Not only is she caring and generous, but she's also creative and talented! She recently starting quilling and makes beautiful cards and jewelry with the finished quilling pieces. They are truly works of art! When she offered to make me and Little Miss Chatterbox some jewelry to wear for Easter, we were very excited! She showed us some pictures of the finished products, a necklace and earrings for me and a necklace and bracelet for LMC, and they were SO beautiful! They looked like something you would buy from the store!

Well, yesterday a package arrived. I didn't think it would be from Jan because it looked too big to for shipping jewelry. But, it was from Jan! It was big because she had also got Easter presents for me and the kids! How sweet!

There was a really nice card and two beautiful packages with my name on it:

Take a closer look at this package. Beautiful!

And guess what was inside? My necklace!

She did such an amazing job. It's even more dazzling in person. The little cross charm sparkles in the sun.

Isn't it lovely?
I'm so impressed with how nicely it was packaged and displayed. Very professional!
And inside the little box were my earrings which match prefectly with the necklace:
Then there was this beautiful monogrammed stationary set with roses and lovely shades of pinks and greens (my favorite colors!). And a cute little butterfly mirror for my purse!

The kids each got cute little felt bags.

The boys had books and slinkies in theirs and LMC a gorgeous collection of butterfly stickers and of course, her jewelry. Want to see it? of course you do! My kids are wearing yellow this year, so Jan incorporated this into the necklace. The yellow pieces were quilled with yellow paper. The little flower is so delicate and cute. Can you believe that's paper?I also love the yellow velvet ribbon that ties the necklace together and the cute little cross charm. It all came together so nicely. It also arrived just in time because LMC was able to wear it in our Easter photos! It compliments her outfit perfectly!

Here's her bracelet. LMC loves how it dangles:

Some pics of the boys enjoying their cool books and slinkies!

Mr. Tickle was very fascinated with the slinky. When I first took it out of the box and made it spring, he got this serious look on his face and said, "What?? Let me see that!" Then he would make it bounce up and down with pure delight in his eyes and say, "Look, Mom! I can make it big and I can make it small!" (I didn't even know that he knew what big and small are!) It was really cute. And Mr. Funny particularly liked this book called, "I Can Fly A Plane" because you can actually hold it like a steering wheel. (Is it called a steering wheel if it's on a plane?)

Jan, we had such a great time going through our surprise Easter goodies! Thank you SO much!!!

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  1. Oh Jo. You made my day with this. Thank you so much for your kind words and the awesome pictures!! You are very welcome. I love you guys so much!