Thursday, April 22, 2010

May Madness

There may be March Madness. But in my world, there's May Madness. This year, it happened to begin a little early so it's been April madness as well.
Mike's softball season has begun. Games are on Mondays and Tuesdays and sometimes Thursdays. They are either at 6:30, 7:30 or 8:30. Dinner must be planned accordingly. He loves to have his family there. After all, we are his biggest fans. ;) I love to watch him. I love to hear the kids cheer out, "Go Daddy!!" I love to give them a chance to play outside in this lovely weather.
But there is this nasty finely crushed rock stuff that the kids love to play in which they get covered head to toe. His first two games were this week and both were at 8:30. We went to the first game. Kids got covered. We left the field at 10:15PM. Kids fell asleep on the way home. I had to dust out their shoes, clothes and jackets. (The night air was a bit chilly) Then I had to wake them up so I could bathe them and scrub the little pebbles and dirt out of their hair. It was 11:30 before we got into our beds. The next day, Little Miss Chatterbox missed school because I overslept and couldn't get the kids to wake up in the morning. I could have kept trying. But seeing them sleep so soundly and knowing they needed it, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. (I also wasn't in the mood to try and get all three kids fed and dressed and out the door within 30 minutes). We had a great time watching Mike, especially when he hit TWO home runs! It was also fun to watch his team win. But we did not go to the next game. No more 8:30 games for us. Next week he has a double header on Monday. We'll catch the first game and then go home after that.
Little Miss Chatterbox has started softball. Mike is the assistant coach. Practices are on Wednesday and we still haven't been told when her games will be. But we do know that Saturday is opening day so she will get to play her first game this weekend! We're excited.
Coming up on May 1st, Mike has a cousin who will be receiving his First Holy Communion. Guess who's making the cake? It's incredibly complicated too. His mom wanted something original and awesome. I'm looking forward to the challenge but also wish it would just appear on my kitchen counter when I wake up on May 1st because I have been oh so tired lately.
May 2nd, cook out at parents house. They had a beautiful sun porch built onto their house and we are going to celebrate it's completion. We are also celebrating Mike's 30th birthday which is on May 10th.
May 3rd I have a doctor's appointment. May 7th a Little Flowers meeting. May 8th I want to make Mike a special birthday dinner because he has a game on his actual birthday. May 9th is Mother's day. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get through all this. I'm also behind on Little Miss Chatterbox's Seton school work because we've been having so much fun with our Birds, Buds and Bugs lessons. I need to get this year's school work done before the baby hustle and bustle begins! (I only have 68 days until her due date! Only 68 days to get ready! Ouch. My chest is starting to hurt. Just. A. Little)
This busyness comes at such a bad time of year too. With spring comes the urge to garden and plant flowers and make my yard look beautiful. I've also been battling an urge to buy beautiful fabrics and sew things. I'd like to make Little Miss Sunshine a baby blanket.
Hmmm.... it must be something about spring. It seems I also got eager to work in the yard and sew the same time last year! Remember these projects? Both of which are still not completed, by the way! I better not add any more new projects and perhaps work on finishing those. I have one free week before my Nana's birthday and our Pentecost celebration comes along towards the end of May. Maybe I can work on them then.
I'm so thankful for all these blessings but sometimes wish life was just a bit more.... simple.

How does May look for you? Is this just a busy month for everyone? Does Springtime do crazy things to you too?

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  1. Just say NO. No to cake. No to cookouts. No to games. No to Little Flowers. You can't be superwoman. And what is most important is your health and your new baby's health. If you are feeling stressed and anxious, that is not good for either of you! School is important too though. So, gotta fit that in. Garden can wait, projects can wait. Combine Mother's Day with Mike's birthday and the new porch inaugeration. Consolidate, simplify, delegate.
    Love, Big Sis