Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Morning

When we got home from my parents house, Little Miss Chatterbox and Mr. Funny made flower cupcakes to bring to Mike's parents house the next day.

Then after putting the kids to bed, I went on to make butterfly cupcakes. It was getting late, I was tired and I still had to clean the kitchen and get everything ready for Easter morning, including the baskets for the kids. So, after making three butterflies I decided that it didn't matter how the cupcakes looked because we were just going to eat them anyway. So I just piped frosting on the rest and was done with it. (A big step for me! I usually would sacrifice my sleep to complete a baking project). Here they are at Mike's parents house. I think the kids did a great job on the flower cupcakes!

Before bed I uncovered Jesus and our statues. This is a custom that starts on Passion Sunday. (Since the 3rd Century, Palm Sunday has been known as Passion Sunday. A very powerful way this was demonstrated was the practice of covering or veiling the Crucifix and all statues and holy pictures within the Church with violet/purple cloth. I only had black. This practice originated in Rome, where the images in the papal chapel were veiled immediately after the deacon proclaimed the traditional Gospel passage, which concluded with the words, “Jesus hid Himself and went out of the temple.” (Jn 8:59) So the focus from today until Easter has traditionally been on the Sacred Passion of our Lord! On Good Friday, the violet cloth is removed from the Crucifix so that the faithful may venerate it while the rest of the sacred images are again seen on Easter)
This is what it looked like on Good Friday:

Then Easter!:

Easter morning came way too fast as we got up early and got ready for the 7AM Mass. We left the house before the sun was even up. There's the moon!

Despite getting pulled out of bed early, the kids were very eager and excited! And my Little Miss Chatterbox looked beautiful!!

The sun was coming up just as we got to our Church.

Mass was very nice and we actually sat in the pews as a family the whole time! It was an Easter miracle! Ha ha. Usually at least one or two of the kids get too loud or get ants in their pants and we have to go in the back of the Church. :)

After Mass we took some family pictures outside:

(Mr. Tickle did NOT want his picture taken!)

After getting home and saying a few family prayers, we went downstairs to find a beautiful set up that Mike did:

We always get Easter Lilies and this year he got a beautiful Hydrangea as well. The kids gifts were set out on either side.

(Mr. Tickle still didn't want his picture taken)

After playing a bit,

the kids went on a basket hunt for their Easter baskets!

Then it was off to Mike's parents house!

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