Monday, April 5, 2010

Holy Week


On Holy Thursday, the kids and I did an art project based on Catholic Icing's Last Supper Craft idea. I bought a copy of Leonardo DaVinci's Last Supper painting for our discussion and then we made a 3-D version using colored cutouts if Jesus and his disciples and 2 egg cartons. Little Miss Chatterbox really enjoyed this and after studying the picture said, "I can't believe someone painted this! How did he do it? It looks so real!" I could also tell that she enjoyed this because she remembered everything I said about it and told Mike all the details when he got home. It's no surprise that my artistic daughter has an appreciation for art! Mr. Funny did a wonderful job with his coloring. The best I've seen from him. He really took his time and concentrated very hard so that he would stay in the lines. I was so proud of him! They loved the finished project and LMC said, "I want to learn MORE about the Last Supper!"

Last year for dinner, we had wine (sparkling grape juice for the kids), pita bread and lamb for dinner. We all found out that evening that we do not care too much for lamb. SO, this year we had no wine (I'm the only one who likes it and obviously I can't drink it this year!) but enjoyed sparkling raspberry grape juice, circle crackers to look like the unleavened bread, and meatloaf which looks like a piece of lamb when you cut it! We also discussed how we no longer need lamb because Jesus is the Lamb of God. The kids really enjoyed using the fancy wine glasses.

After dinner, Mike went to Mass and the kids and I washed each others feet just like Jesus washed his apostles feet. LMC was very enthusiastic and asked if she could wash all of our feet!


Last year we did two Lenten Teas, created by Alice over at Cottage Blessings. One on Holy Thursday and one on Good Friday. Since Thursday was a bit busy this year, I opted to only do the Good Friday tea. Each item of food represents part of the Easter story and we discussed each afterward as we ate. LMChatterbox did most of the talking since she knows this story pretty well now. Mr. Funny had lots of questions and Mr. Tickle kept busy by shoving all his food in his mouth. I'll have to wait until next year for him to really understand what is going on.
(going clockwise, starting at 12) a cut tortilla to look like a shirt and two pieces of cubed mozzarella (the soldiers who cast lots over Jesus' tunic)
two basil leaves (basil is symbolic for both hatred and good wishes and so this represented to good and the bad thieves who were crucified with Jesus)
a blueberry muffin with the top cut off and hollow on the inside (the tomb)
a strawberry (the centurions helmet)
cracker with peanut butter and broken pieces of pretzel sticks (crown of thorns)
grape jelly (the purple cloak that the soldiers put on Jesus to mock Him as king)
guacamole (to represent the envy that the pharisees felt toward Jesus)
tortilla chip scoop (a kings crown for when Pilate questions Jesus about being a king)

Golgotha (where Jesus was crucified) means "Place of the Skull" so Mike drew this skull on a hard boiled egg

close up of our crown of thorns

From 12-3 we went to Church where they were having different meditations each hour (Mike and I took turns going inside because there was no way our kids would sit quietly for three hours!) and then at 3:00 we all went in for a Solemn Good Friday Service. Then we went home and had tomato soup for dinner and prayed the Stations of the Cross with our newly made Stations Box, another great idea from Lacy at Catholic Icing. There is something inside to represent each of the fourteen stations for the children to look at while we pray.
After prayer I put Mr. Tickle to bed and the rest of us watched The Passion of Christ.


We went to my parent's house to celebrate Easter with them, my Nana and my brother, Justin. We had a great time dying eggs, eating, hunting for eggs, opening baskets, playing with bubbles, coloring with chalk and flying kites! It was a gorgeous day and we were all happy to be able to spend our time outside. (Pictures to follow on another post)


He is risen! Alleluia!
We woke up before the sun did to get ready for Easter Mass. We left the house in darkness and got to Church just as the sun was peaking up over the mountains. It was going to be another beautiful day. The kids were all great at Mass so Mike and I actually got to enjoy it all, together, in the pew! That was certainly a great start to our Easter celebrations! When we got home we blessed our paschal candle and renewed our baptismal vows and then went downstairs to open presents. Mike set up a beautiful display with a statue of Jesus and flowers and a chocolate cross. the kids were VERY excited to find their gifts and then look for their Easter baskets.
Later in the afternoon we headed over to Mike's parents house and the kids had another egg hunt where they all won some goodies and we ate a yummy meal outside. The kids played with their cousins all day and were pretty worn out by the end! They fell asleep on the way home and Mike and I were able to relax a bit before bedtime. We had a lovely and joyful Easter and we are so thankful to be surrounded by so much family whom we love so much!
(Pictures to follow on another post)

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