Friday, May 28, 2010

Lists Are Very Good

Just making a couple of lists to keep my head on straight.

Things to do this weekend:

Drop LMC and Mr. F off at play date @ 1:00
Go to post office
Go to grocery store
Return fertility class items to pregnancy center
Little Flowers @ 4:00
LMC Softball Game @ 6:00

Luray Zoo (pack lunches, extra clothes, sunblock and lots of water)

Cookout with the Osbourns

Cookout at parents house (make broccoli salad)

Things to do before baby comes:
-Get Air Conditioner fixed
-Go to Target and buy nursing pads, breast pump, milk storage bags, and diapers
-Buy new slippers for hospital
-Buy a Moses Basket? (If Mike okays purchase)
-Make birth announcements
-Make baptism invitations? (might be easier after baby is born?)
-Wash car seat
-Pack hospital bag
-Find flameless scented candles for hospital (do these even exist?)
-Get glasses fixed
-Make T-shirts for kids
-Gift for Dr. D
-Get a haircut
-Pedicure with Mom?
-Make dinners to freeze with Mom?
-Go to confession
-get labor prayer from Misty

Things to Pack for Hospital:
-CD Player and Music
-Flameless candles
-hairbrush and hair ties/clips
-contact case/solution
-underwear/nursing bra/socks
-nursing pads
-Boppy Pillow
-labor prayer
-picture of kids
-St. Gerard mini statue and handkerchief
-Camera (make sure extra battery is charged and empty the memory card)
-Little Miss Sunshine's coming home outfit
-My coming home outfit

Things to do before having anxiety attack:
-say a prayer
-take a deep breath
-ask for help
-take one day at a time
-try to enjoy weekend even though you know you have a million things to be doing

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