Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Beach Trip: Homeward Bound

There were still a few other posts I wanted to write about our beach trip but I'm afraid it will be winter before I get them all done! So, I'm going to be at peace with letting them slide and just finish the beach trip posts with our good-bye tradition: a trip to Candy Kitchen! There are so many Candy Kitchen shops in Ocean City. The kids would point them out everytime we drove down the street. They even made up their own Candy Kitchen song. They would also talk about how they couldn't wait to go on our last day. Mr. Funny even said one time, "I can't wait to go home so we can go to Candy Kitchen!" Haha. It definitely makes it easier for the kids to say good bye to the beach. It's a tradition we've done for a few years now and it makes our trip home a little sweeter. ;)

This one's for Aunt Jan! (see bib)


  1. Awww....!!! I saw that bib in the original email and it made me smile and think, 'Yup!!!'. I love this tradition you guys have. So clever. :) And I love seeing the boys' pillows in the packed up car, too! haha >:D

  2. this is the best tradition! Something to look forward to even as you head home. Love that smile on Little Miss Sunshine.