Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We were able to go to our new favorite pumpkin patch this year, with the homeschooling group at our church. We got the special group rates! Yay!

This place just seems to go on and on. With new and exciting things for the kids to do at every turn. Last year was our first time there and we loved it. This year, it wasn't half as fun without Mike there, but we still had a great time!

The air pillow was a hit again.
Chatterbox loved seeing all the animals. She especially loved the peacocks because of their beautiful feathers. She wishes it was the females who were so beautiful, not the males. But added, "I understand why God made it that way though." ;)

The Emu made the boys laugh so hard! They would hold their cup of food up to the fence and the Emu would try to bend its head over and eat from it. Sometimes the boys would be fast enough to take it away but sometimes the emu was faster. The boys saw this as great entertainment!

Posing with the goat. Their Uncle Garry is always talking about goats so they wanted a picture with one.The actual pumpkin patch is my favorite part. The scenery is beautiful and I love to take advantage of an opportunity to enjoy the cool open air of fall. The weather was perfect that day too! It also made me wish we had our own pumpkin patch. I wish that every year. Maybe next year we will!

Little Miss Sunshine spotted a little, tiny, green, baby pumpkin and acted as if she had just spotted a long lost friend. She ran as fast as her short legs would carry her and grabbed that pumpkin right into her arms. She smiled so big and showed me her new prized possession. She was very proud. :) It took awhile for all the other kids to pick out the perfect pumpkin so Sunshine had to carry that pumpkin around while navigating through vines and lumps of dirt on the ground. She tripped quite a few times, but never let go of that little pumpkin.
You get to ride in a huge wagon hitched behind a tractor that drives you out to the patch. Another fav of the kids.

Mr. Tickle with his cousin. They're only two weeks apart, Tickle being the older of the two, but his cousin is quite a bit taller!With our homeschool group, we were able to see a presentation on apples and pumpkins with little tidbits about how they grow, etc. Then the kids all got an apple to eat. Mr. Funny's favorite snack!
It was a lovely way to spend the day!
(This was taken early in the morning when we first got there. The wind was pretty chilly. But by the afternoon, the sun had warmed us up!)

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  1. So much fun!! Colette is so funny. She looked so happy with her little treasure. :)