Thursday, October 22, 2009

Birthday Surprises for Little Miss Chatterbox

She really, really wanted one of those mosquito net/canopy things for above her bed. She has been asking for one for awhile and well, I always wanted one when I was a kid. So, we got her one. While she was in the shower the night before her birthday, I put the toggle bolt and the hook into her ceiling. Then, that night, as she was sleeping peacefully, I hung it up and left a note next to her. Here she is, sleeping: Hehehe

The next morning, she ran into my bedroom and gave me a big hug and kiss. We also got her a new bedspread- pink with roses, of course!

Here she is, opening her rose comforter:

Then, I wanted to get her some kind of toy too, so we spoiled her a bit this year....

I couldn't resist! A Little Mermaid puppet Theater! That is just SOOOO her.

And some St. Therese the Litlle Flower paper dolls.

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