Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baby on my mind

Yes, I have been thinking a lot about this little one who is growing everyday. I don't feel much different except for being more tired and feeling a little nauseous in the evenings. It's amazing to think about what this little person is doing inside me while life outside keeps on keepin' on. I can't believe October is almost over and November is already filling up fast. I'm actually glad to have a reason to slow down a bit. I can't slow down too much. But when I get tired in the afternoons, I do my best to work through it and get that laundry folded and the dishes done and the toys picked up and the children fed. But when I get that done, I'm happy to have a chance to sit on the couch with the kids and watch a movie and doze off a minute. Sure, I've got projects I could be working on, but I no longer feel guilty if I'm not working on them. It's nice to take a little break.
Summer seems so far out of reach, but I know it will be here soon enough. I added a little baby tracker to the side bar which will tell me everyday what the baby is up to and how many days into the pregnancy I am.
We've talked a little bit about names. We're considering the boy name I liked when I was pregnant with Mr. Tickles. Girl names are a bit more difficult. I think I'll have to know that I'm actually having a girl before I can really stop and think of a girls name.
I'd like to find a doctor soon so I don't have to worry about it. So many options.... don't know which way to go. But I will make an appointment with he doctor who I saw for my 6 week check-up after Mr. Tickles was born. He doesn't deliver babies (although he has) but I can go see him for prenatal vitamins and maybe get some recommendations from him. We'll see!
I'm still waiting to get really sick. I remember with Mr. Tickles that I didn't actually start throwing up until a few weeks into the pregnancy. Will that happen again? Or will I be lucky like I was with Mr. Funny and only get nauseous and not throw up? That would be super! At least for now I feel fine in the mornings and during the day so I can take care of the kiddos and still teach school and cook dinner and get through evening prayers before I start feeling sick. By then, I can crawl into bed and Mike takes over and puts the kids to bed. So far, so good!
Well, we need to head out to the doctor. Little Miss Chatterbox woke up in the early morning with an earache. It will probably be an ear infection. :( It's that time of year. Talk to you later!

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