Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Saint's Day

Since St. James Electric is closed on all Holy Days of Obligation, Mike was off on All Saint's Day. After Mass, we packed a picnic (that sounds so much nicer than "Mike ran into the store and bought subs and chips", doesn't it?) and headed to Skyline Drive. After enjoying a few views, we set out to find a hiking trail. We decided on an easy one that was fairly flat and easy for the kids (and an out of shape mom).

The boys had fun chasing each other and pretending to kill "bad guys".

Little Miss Chatterbox set out to find animal tracks and pink fungus.

After the hike, we headed home. But not until we stopped to look at one more view! ;) Chatterbox was the only one still awake so she took a picture of me and Mike.

Awww. We love Skyline Drive. Next year, we're getting a year long pass so we can spend as many weekends there as possible! ;)

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