Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enjoying Leaves

It's always so much fun to play in the leaves with the kids. Especially when it's their first time! Little Miss Sunshine was too young to play in them last year. This year she loved collecting them off the ground and showing them to me. I could tell she appreciated their beauty. ;)

Mr. Funny helped with raking this year.

Sunshine may have enjoyed collecting leaves, but didn't want anywhere near the leaf pile! Funny would pick her up and put her in them and she would start screaming.

Then Mr. Tickle put some on her head and I was afraid she'd hates leaves forever. Luckily, like most times, she saw how much fun her big sister and brothers were having and decided the leaf pile isn't so bad after all.

And if things get too rough, she knows that Mommy's lap is always a safe place to be. ;)

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