Monday, January 24, 2011

Daybook #2

Outside my window... coooooooold. It is currently 8 degrees. Lots of cold and still no snow. Weather Channel talked about snow coming on Tuesday. I was counting down the days... now they are saying it will be a high of 50 degrees tomorrow and that we'll be getting rain. How is this possible?
I am thinking... about how hard it is to run a household without Mike's help. When is over time gonna be over? (and how do those military wives do it?) We'll see how long we can eat off the stuff in our pantry. I don't see a grocery store trip coming any time soon.
I have to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl? GO GREEN BAY!
I am thankful for... a husband who works long and hard and still comes home and plays with the kids.
From the learning rooms... just bought a new
book last week. Very inspiring! Great things are going to be happening in Bosco-Seton Academy.
(our little name we gave ourselves.) If only I had some alone time to actually plan and prepare....
From the kitchen... I have no idea. There are no menu plans this week. I should have gone grocery shopping last week. I'll be searching the freezer and pantry for ideas. This should be interesting.
I am creating...
-thank you
cards. (Christmas was a month ago? What?)
-lesson plans.
-birthday plans for Mr. Funny
I am read
ing... The Diary of Saint Faustina and For the Love of Literature
I am hoping... that Chatterbox like the new writing program I got. We'll start today. I'm also hoping that her new Math program will come soon! I love getting books and school materials in the mail!
I am praying... for Teresa and for a very close friend who just told me some very big news.
I am hearing... heat blowing through the vents. I thank God (and Mr. Hev!) that we have this new heating system. It was definitely worth the hot months we went through without AC. (And if you're wondering, the kids are asleep. Which is why I don't hear them.)
Around the house... way too much STUFF. We're in the middle of down sizing and organizing. This will be an on going project. I've been working on cleaning out our "classroom", which is now going to be the "storage/craft room". And I put together a "learning station" in the basement by the computer. We'll see how this works out. I didn't get even half of what I hoped to accomplish last week, but a little at a time with have to suffice.
One of my favorite things... watching Sunshine laugh hysterically at Tickles.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Finish organizing our new areas in the basement.
Little Miss Sunshine this week: She moved one knee forward yesterday! Until she learns to
keep them moving, she scoots and wriggles to get where she wants to go. And let me tell you... she is one determined little person. When she sees something she wants, she will try to get it. No matter how many times you move her away or try to distract her with something else. God help me. ;)
Netflix Movie Review: We watched The Other Guys this week. I laughed a few times. But those laughs weren't worth the rest of its stupidity. It was also way too long. I was glad when
it finally ended.
Here is a picture thought I am


  1. You are so busy, wish I could help you out. If you think of anything let me know.

  2. What a great picture! Hey, send me the ingredients you have and I will find you some great recipes. I love putting puzzle pieces together. ;) So thankful that you guys are nice and warm and having fun with school. Miss you lots.