Monday, January 31, 2011

Daybook #3

Outside my window... the ground is still covered with snow. looks like we'll be getting freezing rain later this week.
I am thinking... that I do way too much "thinking" and "planning" and not enough"doing". I'll think about something months in advance and still end up doing things at the last minute.
I am thankful for... parents who come to visit us and bring groceries and McDonald's for lunch. Thank you Mom and
From the learning room... we'll be trying out the new math program with Chatterbox today.
From the kitchen... lots of cake! Two birthday boys
in the next two weeks. (my godson and Mr. Funny)
I am creating...
-thank you cards. I'd really like to mark this off sometime soon. I had great plans of making homemade cards with the
kids but that is why they haven't been done yet. I think I'll just have to write in pre-made cards and maybe have the kids draw a picture.
-plans for a Sponge Bob cake for godson and a Star Wars cake for Funny.
-birthday plans for Mr. Funny
-plans for a St. Valentine's Day Tea Party with the kids
I am read
ing... The Diary of Saint Faustina and Rolling Stones
I am hoping... that OT will end soon.
I am praying... for Teresa
and for a very close friend who just told me some very big news.
I am hearing... Math-U-See DVD. It's teaching Mr. Funny his math lesson. I l
ove this program. I'm also listening to Chatterbox teaching Tickles his letters. She loves to teach him!
Around the house..
. way too much STUFF. Working on the kids rooms this week.
One of my favorite things... snow days. I wish the forecast of freezing rain would turn into snow instead.
Living the Liturgical Year... Today is St. John Bosco's feast day! He liked to juggle when he was a boy so we will take Waltzing Matilda's idea and
make Bachelor Buttons to represent his juggling balls! Also this week, Candlemas. This will officially close the Christmas season. I'm still trying to gather up some candles to bring to the Mass
to have them blessed.
Little Miss Sunshine this week... she's crawling!! I now have a little shadow. ;) I love
looking down and seeing her smiling face look up at me, just waiting for me to pick her up. And when I do, kicking legs and claps of excitement. How blessed I am to be loved so much.
Netflix Movie Review... We watched The Painted Veil this week. Well, I watched it this week. mike fell asleep. We saw this movie the year it came out
and Mike really liked it. I didn't care for it too much because it involved adultery. But Mike wanted to watch it again so we got it from Netflix. I'm so glad we did because I really enjoyed it this time. I w
as able to look past the adulterous affair, and appreciate the growth and repentance in Naomi Watts'
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

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