Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day!

Yes! We finally got a snow day! But boy has it caused a lot of trouble for those who have to commute.
Yesterday was very worrisome as I wondered if Mike would make it home. His boss gave the option of leaving at the normal time or you staying to work the OT. I was very glad Mike decided to leave because I heard so many horrible stories about people who were trying to get home yesterday! His boss started home after OT and eventually had to turn around. He ended up sleeping in his truck at the job! My poor cousin sat and sat and sat in traffic and ended up running out of gas. She didn't get home until 3AM and then had to go back to work today! I can't even imagine...
So when Mike finally made it home (after having to walk up our mountain because his car was covered in snow at the park and ride and he didn't think he'd get the car up anyway) all was right in the world and I could finally relax and enjoy the snow. It looks so beautiful as it falls and I love how the how world seems to go silent. It's so peaceful. The kids talked about having Daddy home to go sledding and how fun it would be. But then this morning, Mike's friend, who he carpools with, called and said he was going to work. So Mike felt obligated to do the same. When Chatterbox woke up, I heard her go into my bedroom and then she ran into the kitchen and asked me, "Where's Dad?" After telling her he had to go to work I saw her eyes tear up. I gave her a hug and told her we would still go sledding. "But I really wanted to play in the snow with Dad." He really wanted to play in the snow too. He was really hoping we'd get enough snow to keep him home. "Dad works really hard for us", she said. I suggested we make his favorite cookies and surprise him when he got home. "And make him a card that says he's the best daddy!" Good plan, Chatterbox.
I love snow days! They make winter a little more joyful, don't you think?
When the boys woke up and all the kids saw the amount of snow outside, I said with excitement, "Snow day! No school!" My children looked at me with frowns and said, "Awwww. Why no school?" These kids love to learn. It made this homeschooling mama very happy. But then I reminded them about sledding and they decided it would be alright to go one day without school. ;)
We had fun outside. This is the perfect snowman snow. But I'm terrible at making snowmen! Mike's not working OT today so hopefully it doesn't take too long to recover his car from the park and ride and he can play outside with the kids before it gets dark. And make a snowman!
Little Miss Sunshine LOVES the snow! Just the sight of it makes her happy. As soon as we went outside, she starting clapping her hands and saying, "Yay!" It's so cute! She never stopped smiling and I could hear her making all kinds of happy noises. Who knew snow would be so exciting to a baby?
Well, we're off to drink hot chocolate and make cookies and then snuggle up under blankets on the couch and read a book. Hope you all are safe and warm!


  1. What a happy little baby!! I can't stand how cute these kids are. Seriously. Those pics with Tickle and Sunshine. Oh my. Glad you guys are enjoying the snow. And I hope Mike makes it home okay today. Thinking of you guys, as always!!!

  2. Love this blog! Makes me laugh out loud. Glad the kids wanted to go to school. So different in public school. Love the pictures too. Looks like a wonderful day. You are so blessed.