Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Foot

I've always been aware of my big feet.

Friends in school gave me lovely nicknames such as Chewbacca and I will always remember hearing a parent at one of my basketball games in middle school say, "Look at those boats!" as she passed by me, eyes focused on my feet.

When my first born came into this world, I'd hear comments like, "She's got big feet just like her mother!" (She's grown into those feet now and they aren't so big anymore) and one year my Nana gave me a stuffed animal bunny and told me that when she saw it she had to get it for me because it made her think of me right away. I wasn't sure if I should have been flattered or insulted because the only obvious part of that bunny was it's huge feet. Sure enough, she then said, "Isn't it cute? Just look at those feet!" :)
I've never let these things bother me though, and am more than willing to laugh with others at the funny and awkward feet that God decided to give me.
Sometimes I'll look at them and think, "They're really not that big." And I'll almost convince myself.
Until I get reminders like this picture that Little Miss Chatterbox drew today.
When your child draws a picture of you and your feet are bigger than your pregnant belly, there's no mistake. You've got to admit that your feet really are that big. And then you laugh and tell your daughter that it's perfect.
Hahaha. Gotta love it! (Do you think I can blame it on the pregnancy and say my hands and feet are just swollen?)

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  1. hahaha...oh no! I think it is the swollen thing. I've never even noticed your feet being big. I always just thought they were proportional to your height. I've never heard these stories! Cute picture though. :)