Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Knew Something Bad Was Coming

I told you, didn't I?
Yesterday we had an AC guy come take a look at our AC unit.
And found out that the entire outside unit is bad and needs to be replaced.
Except, since the unit is so old, it has now been banned in the US and we will need to get a new kind of unit which will also require us to change everything inside the house as well. It's going to be a huge project, cost lots of money and Little Miss Sunshine is due in 26 days. Maybe less. We're also approaching summer weather really fast. High 80's have been hard enough! On top of all that, our first payment for Montessori school is due August 1st. $2,500. Will we be able to pay for a new AC unit AND school? I don't know.
I guess this is the bad thing that I knew was coming because this is definitely not how I planned on spending my last few days of this pregnancy. I'll definitely take this over something bad happening to the baby though.
One day at a day at a time...

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