Thursday, January 21, 2010


Darn the Minnesota Vikings defense.
Darn Brett Favre. (Yes, I'm a fan of Brett. Just not in this post)
Darn the Cowboys offensive line.
Darn the Play Offs!

In case you missed the game and haven't guessed by now, the Cowboys lost. We're done until next season. Oh, what an ugly game it was.

I suppose I'd like to see the Colts vs. the Saints for the Superbowl. No, I don't want the Vikings to get there. Yes, I am a little bitter.

Who would you like to see at the Superbowl?


  1. Oh sugar. :( I was feeling for you. My Chargers AND Cardinals lost too!! blah. At this point I would like to see the Jets win. For no other reason than my favorite wine critic is a huge fan. ;) After that I guess New Orleans.

  2. Ricky's a Minnesota fan and you know I looove purple, so I'll be pulling for the Vikings.

  3. Jan-
    It would also be neat if the jets won because the Quarterback is a rookie. But, that aside, I don't like the Jets. So, Go Saints!

    Was Ricky like, ecstatic when he found out Minnesota was picking up Favre? They wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for him! Since this is his last year (maybe? who knows with Brett, right?)I would put my differences aside and be happy for him if they won the Superbowl.