Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So, anybody watch the playoff games this past weekend? How about Saturday nights game? Ya'know, the one where the Cowboys BEAT the Eagles?! Yes, that's right. The Cowboys won a playoff game and will be back this Sunday to play the Minnesota Vikings.
Tony VS. Brett.
Should be a good game. I'm a little nervous but also hopeful.
If the Cowboys lose, I will be highly disappointed and sad but I'll also be happy that they at least won one playoff game because that means that Wade gets to keep his job and I like Wade.
If they win, they'll be one step closer to the Super Bowl!


  1. Jan literally took the word right out of my mouth. TRAITOR!

  2. I may have grown up in a family who are Redskins fans, but I myself was never a fan! It was the Cowboys who helped me fall in love with football!!