Friday, January 22, 2010

How Many Days 'Til Spring?

Little Miss Chatterbox is an outdoorsman. Woman. Girl. Whatever.
She loves to be outside. Particularly when the warm sun is beating own on her face, the wind is blowing her hair and her toes are tucked in between blades of grass. The winter practically kills her little soul. She feels the same way I do about winter and snow. She loves the snow, but enough is enough already! When is it gonna be spring? She has asked me, "How many days 'til spring, Mom?" I showed her on the calendar and I could just feel her little heart sink as if it were mine. Her head hung low and she slowly walked over the the window. "Can't you come a little early this year?" Well, it probably won't. But we did get a little treat this past week with a 60 degree day. Boy, was she one happy little girl! When I pick her up from her Montessori school, she likes to hang out afterwards for a little bit and play with her classmates outside. (At least with the ones whose mothers let them stay. I have learned to bring a book, Mr. Tickle is usually sleeping and Mr. Funny enjoys playing with LMC and the big kids. I'm actually glad to have the little moment of peace and quiet!) On this day, after all the kids had left, she was still running outside. I didn't have the boys with me because Mike was home that day with a hurt neck. So she was out there, all by herself (singing, no doubt) and then I watched her run up the hill to the very top. There was the sun, beating down on her face. And the wind, blowing her hair. She was smart and kept her shoes on. (It's been really muddy because of all the melted snow) It made me happy to see her up there with that huge smile on her face. She was so at peace. She rolled down the hill (remember doing that as a kid? I LOVED doing that!) and ran over to the car. "Mom, you HAVE to come up to the top of the hill. The view is GORGEOUS!! You have to! You have to!" Her school is in such a beautiful location. The Blue Ridge Mountains are right behind it and the view is, in fact, gorgeous. Yes, she's my outdoorsgirl. And I love it.
I hope spring comes fast for you, sweetheart.

*By the way, I added a countdown to spring on my blog so I will always have the correct answer the next time she asks!

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  1. Sounds like my kind of lady. I am ready for spring too!