Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Results #1

Anyone interested in how my "eating healthy and exercising" has been going? I'm happy to report that it's been great! I love eating good food. It makes me feel better, I'm getting more done during the day and its so good to know that I'm giving this baby a great head start. Not being able to "snack" hasn't been a problem because my meals have a lot of protein in them so I actually stay full until the next meal. My meals actually consist of more food than what I ate before, but because they are good choices and low in calories I've lost two pounds! I think the treadmill has a lot to do with that too. I walk every other day, at first for only 15 minutes, then 20 and yesterday I was on there for 30. It gets easier each time.
Counting calories has helped me to realize a few things:
1. I tend to over eat and counting calories helps me to eat smaller portions.
2. Some things that you think wouldn't make much of a difference to weight gain, like a little pack of nerds, actually has a lot of calories!
3. Pickles and mustard have no calories, but that does not mean you should go to town and eat the whole jar. Nor do they go well together.
Well, that's it!

Start before pregnancy: 150 lbs.
Max: 180 lbs.
Start before diet:175 lbs.
Today: 173 lbs.

So far, so good!


  1. Well done sweetheart. Glad you are learning to eat healthy and can pass those good habits on to your children! Keep it up!

  2. Good for you, that is really awesome! My treadmill was a constant and steady friend for 11 years before it died last year and I'm not kidding...I cried!